Best Arc Welding Stick Electrodes (September 2022)

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best arc welding stick electrodes. The type of metal you are welding, the voltage you are using, and the stick size are all important factors. You also need to consider the type of electrode. The most common types are the tungsten and carbon electrodes.

K-fit Extended Electrode Probe

About the item

  • American Brand with US Based Support
  • 6 Inches in Total Length
  • Universal 2mm Pin Connectors
  • Requires Lead Wire from Your Device to Connect, Lead Wire Not Included
  • Designed for Use with the K-fit Kegel Toner

Blue Demon 6013 X 1/8" X 14" X 1LB Tube General Purpose Carbon Steel Electrode

About the item

  • E6013 is an excellent choice where there is poor fit-up in the joint
  • It deposits easily and smoothly producing medium to shallow penetration
  • Typical applications include General-purpose fabrication, metal buildings and structures, machine parts, shaft buildup

US Forge Welding Electrode E7018 1/8-Inch by 14-Inch 10-Pound Box #51834

About the item

  • Quality, low hydrogen electrode for x-ray quality welds on construction steels
  • Quality iron powder low hydrogen electrode designed for joining construction grade and problem steels
  • Weldability is excellent on both AC and DC reverse polarity
  • Used primarily on carbon and medium tensile steels, especially under conditions of restraint
  • Excellent for high sulfur, boiler plate, and cast steel

ENiCl – 99% Nickel/Cast Iron Welding Electrode – 12" x 1/8" (1 LB)

About the item

  • All position, fully machinable cast iron electrode for repairing and “cold welding” of thin sections of cast iron. High nickel core wire generates a quiet steady arc that is extremely easy to handle even with low open circuit AC voltages; starting and restriking without sticking to the work piece has never been so easy
  • Weld deposit is soft and can be milled, drilled, tapped or machined yet has strength greater than the base metal and the color will match that of cast iron
  • Excellent for build-up and welding of gray, malleable, and ductile cast iron to itself or for joining these cast iron types to mild and carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloys and to copper-nickel Monel alloys
  • Common applications include engine blocks, gear housings, machine bases, defective castings, filling holes, and building up worn or missing sections which will have to be machined
  • Select your Electrode Diameter and Package Quantity from the Options – Check Picture #3 and Product Description for Welding Parameters. 5 Sticks and 1 Lb packages are shipped using a sealed plastic sleeve. 2.2 Lb package is shipped using the plastic box.

US Forge Welding Electrode E6011 1/8-Inch by 14-Inch 5-Pound Box #51133

About the item

  • Package Dimensions: 37.592 cms (L) x 5.588 cms (W) x 5.588 cms (H)
  • Product Type: Tools
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Country Of Origin: China
Best Arc Welding Stick Electrodes (September 2022)