Best Automotive Replacement Starter Bushings & Bearings (November 2022)

When it comes to automotive replacement starter bushings & bearings, it is important to choose the right ones for your car. Here are some tips to help you choose the best ones for your vehicle:

1. Make sure the bushings & bearings you are considering fit your car's engine. Many of the bushings & bearings on the market are universal, but some are not. Make sure to check the dimensions of the bushing & bearing before you buy it to make sure it will fit your engine.

2. Consider the quality of the bushing & bearing. Many of the cheaper bushings & bearings are not of high quality and can fail quickly. It is important to choose a bushing & bearing that is of high quality so that it will last longer.

3. Consider the price of the bushing & bearing. It is important to consider the price of the bushing & bearing before you buy it. Cheap bushing & bearing can quickly fail, while more expensive bushing & bearings may be more expensive but will last longer.

Daystar, Umbrella Wedge, Black, fits most patio umbrella shafts, designed to reduce moving and hold your umbrella in place, PA20255BK, Made in America

Brand Daystar
Color Black
Pattern Solid
Material Polyurethane
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About the item

  • The Umbrella Wedge works with any table and umbrella combination
  • The Tapered Design keeps the Umbrella properly seated and eliminates any rattles
  • The Umbrella Wedge keeps the umbrella properly centered over the table
  • The Umbrella Wedge installs in seconds and is easily removed for storage
  • Polyurethane construction will last forever
  • The Daystar Umbrella Wedge will accommodate a up to a 1.5” Umbrella pole

6V TO 12V STARTER BUSHING, dune buggy vw baja bug

About the item

  • Compatible With Volkswagen Based Dune Buggies

MTC 1252/12-31-1-268-447 Alternator Mount Bushing (White 12-31-1-268-447 MTC 1252 for BMW Models)

About the item

  • Included Components: Alternator Mount Bushing White
  • Product Type: Auto Part
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • No Batteries Required


About the item

  • 1-year warranty protects you after your purchase
  • 100% New aftermarket unit built to meet OEM specifications

2 Pcs Pinion Gear Bushing replace Tecumseh 590644

About the item

  • Replaces Tecumseh part 590644
  • Made of high quality rubber material,durable & long-lasting serivce life
  • Pinion gear bushing 590644 attaches between the electric starter motor pinion gear and the thrust washer
  • Fits various Tecumseh electric starters, including: 590650, 590653, 590670, 590744
Best Automotive Replacement Starter Bushings & Bearings (November 2022)