Best Canned & Jarred Snails (July 2022)

When it comes to canned and jarred snails, there are a few things to consider. First, what type of snail are you looking for? There are two main types of snails: live snails and frozen snails. Live snails are the more common type, and they are usually smaller. Frozen snails are usually larger and have a more pronounced flavor. Next, what are your specific needs? Are you looking for a specific flavor or texture? Finally, how much are you willing to spend?

Premium Escargot Wild Burgundy Snails – Rated Number One – Best For Escargot Recipes, Various Sizes … (1 Dozen Shells)

Brand Escargots de Bourgogne Sauvages
Size 12 Count (Pack of 1)
Package Weight 0.16 Kilograms
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About the item

  • EXCLUSIVE IMPORTER OF HELIX POMATIA LINNE – The Wild Burgundy Snail has long been a culinary delight of famed restaurants and gourmands around the world. The Helix Pomatia Linne is famed as the highest quality escargot of the 116 varieties and is now available exclusively form Sarl Henri Maire and La Maison De L’Escargot. With exclusive rights to import these Wild Burgundy Snails, you will not find a better escargot anywhere in North America.
  • VERSATILE IN THE HOME KITCHEN – Wild Burgundy Snails are not only used for escargot. As a tasty and highly versatile protein they can be used in pastas, soups, salads, dumplings, kabobs, and as a topping to many fishes and other meats. Featured in Tom Keller’s Bouchon Cookbook, they are a favorite of many chefs around the world.
  • WILD NEVER FARMED – Our snails are wild caught and never farmed, exclusively from the Burgundy region of France and famed for their taste, quality, and size. They are harvested in the wild and delivered live where they are hand sorted by size, washed, and prepared using a method dating back to the ancestral French standards perfected since 1938.
  • SUSTAINABLE – Long term Wild Burgundy Snail sustainability is important to us. Our harvest is conducted annually during April & May as the snails emerge from hibernation. This harvest has been practiced for centuries dating back to Roman times to protect these wonderful creatures from over harvesting. We also take care to restrict harvesting size to ensure future reproduction and population size. Through these various efforts and others, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (
  • HEALTHY PROTEIN – Compared to Filet Mignon Beef, Wild Burgundy Snails contain up to 1/10th the saturated fat and 48x the calcium! A fully healthy protein, these escargots are also super high in calcium, copper, and zinc and are delightfully rich in flavor to boot!

Roland Foods Extra Large Snail Shells, Specialty Imported Food, 36 Count Bag

Brand Roland Foods
Size 36 Count (Pack of 1)
Flavor Extra Large Shells
Package Weight 0.25 Kilograms
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About the item

  • EXTRA LARGE SNAIL SHELLS: Roland Food’s Extra Large Snail Shells are a uniformly extra large size for any purpose
  • CAREFULLY CLEANED: Our Extra Large Snail Shells are carefully washed
  • EASY PREPARATION: Rinse shells in cold water and dry well before stuffing with prepared snails
  • ESCARGOT SHELLS: A delicacy in French cuisine, escargot is traditionally served in the shell
  • PERFECTLY STUFFED SHELLS: Our snail shells are perfect when stuffed with snails and compound butter

Straight from France French Lucorum Canned Escargots Snails (4 Dozens)

Brand Straight from France Genuinely French
Size 14.1 Ounce (Pack of 1)
Flavor Snail
Cuisine French
Specialty Low-carb, Pasture-raised, Low-fat, Shelf-stable, Gmo-free
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About the item

  • Canned snails imported straight from France
  • Genuine Helix snails escargots from Europe, not the lower quality Indonesian Achatina fulica or “African giant snail” sold by other brands
  • Precooked top quality Helix Lucorum escargots
  • Low fat, low carb, and rich in protein and iron. Good source of potassium
  • Snail meat only. Snail shells not included

Roland – Escargots Snails, (4)- 7.75 oz. Cans

Brand Roland
Size 7.75 Ounce (Pack of 4)
Weight 7.75 Ounces
Cuisine Italian
Package Weight 1.05 Kilograms
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About the item

  • Imported & All-Natural
  • 12 Giant Snails in Each Can, Packed without Shells — Uniform in Size
  • Excellent Flavor — Low in Cholesterol & Calories!
  • Carefully Cleaned & Tender — Perfect for Appetizers, Hors D’Oeuvres, or Main Dish
  • (4)- 7.75 oz. Cans

Straight from France Escargot Snail Shells Large 48 Count

Brand Straight from France Genuinely French
Size 48 Count (Pack of 1)
Flavor Snail
Weight 11 Ounces
Cuisine French
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About the item

  • Thoroughly washed escargot shells that are ready to be garnished with snail meat
  • Large Helix Snail shells that are between 1.5 inch and 2 inch in length
  • Bulk tub of 48 escargot shells
  • Although those are not apple snail shells, they can be put into an aquarium as a decoration or used for crafts
  • Imported straight from France
Best Canned & Jarred Snails (July 2022)