Best Handmade Ring Boxes (September 2022)

When you're looking for the perfect handmade ring box, there are a few things to consider. First, what type of box do you want? There are three main types of ring boxes: hinged boxes, sliding boxes, and flip boxes.

Hinged boxes are the simplest type of box and are opened by lifting the lid. They're great if you want to display your rings without having to take them off. Sliding boxes are similar to hinged boxes, but the lid can be slid open from the side. This type of box is perfect if you want to easily access your rings while you're wearing them. Flip boxes are the most unique type of ring box and are a hybrid between a hinged and sliding box. The lid flips open from the top, like a sliding box, but the box itself is a hinged box, so you can open it from the front as well. This type of box is perfect if you want to keep your rings safe and hidden but still have easy access to them.

Once you've decided which type of box you want, you need to decide what size you need. There are a few different size options available, including small, medium, and large. Make sure to choose the right size for your rings!

Finally, you need to decide what kind of closure you want your box to have. There are a few different options available, including a magnetic closure, a key ring closure, and a jump ring closure. Decide which closure you want and choose the corresponding type of box.

Once you've chosen all of your options, it's time to start making your ring box! Start by measuring the inside diameter of your rings and multiplying that number by 2.5. This will give you the circumference you need to make your box. Next, use a template to trace the circumference onto your cardboard. Once you have the traced circumference, cut out the ring box using a craft knife. Make sure to cut out the inside of the ring box as well, so your rings will fit perfectly.

Finally, it's time to put your ring box together! Start by inserting the magnets into the top and bottom of the lid. Then, attach the lid to the box using the key ring closure. Finally, attach the bottom of the box to the rings using the jump ring closure. You're done! Now you can proudly display your beautiful handmade ring box!

MUUJEE How About Forever Slim Flip Ring Box – Small Wood Ring Holder for Engagement Proposal and Wedding Ceremony Ring Bearer Box

About the item

  • A Ring box crafted with genuine walnut wood with a semi-gloss finish and enclosed securely with a magnetic enclosure. As you store your ring safely, we inserted inside a luscious black velvet foam to protect it from slipping.
  • A question with a promise that is intricately engraved waiting for that answer “how about forever?” A vow of love that will truly be a love everlasting.
  • An easy to hold wooden ring box that is slim and small with closed exterior dimensions of 1.75 x 2 inches and a 0.75-inch thick.
  • A perfect ring box for that much-awaited proposal or engagement that you have ever dreamed of. With its modern and rustic look, the flip-lid ring box is beautifully crafted for that special occasion, like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, and Christmas.
  • From the ORIGINAL makers of the wood flip ring box – Muujee Ring Boxes are modern, unique & functional! Check out our hundreds of 5 STAR REVIEWS!

URBAN KRAFTS Engagement Ring Box for Proposal Slim Pocket Size Walnut Wooden Lighter Ring Box Engraved (Forever and Always You and Me)

About the item

  • Slim and discreet design, made to look like an elegant lighter, this exclusive handcrafted slim engagement ring box is easy to conceal in your pocket and will make a big impression for your proposal, so she is sure to say yes! Plus, it makes an amazing keepsake for her to cherish forever. Beautifully made from solid and exquisite walnut wood.
  • Flawlessly engraved with a gorgeous design, using the latest laser technology to ensure the highest resolution and depth of engraving, for a ring box that will last a lifetime.
  • Designed to fit most women’s ring sizes. Closed exterior dimensions for this wooden engagement ring box for proposal are 2.2 x 2.1 x 0.75 inches.
  • Magnetic closure using powerful magnets to keep your precious ring safe until the special day arrives.
  • Luxurious black velvet lining inside the ring box for proposal, the perfect way to elegantly display your ring while protecting it and keeping it safe from scratches.

Engagement Ring Box Wooden Ring Box Proposal Ring Box with Clear Top Ring Bearer Box for Wedding Wooden Ring Holder for Proposal (Forever Love)

About the item

  • Ring Bear Box:wooden ring box as A vow of love that will truly be a love everlasting.
  • Wedding Ring holder:Make unfading reminiscence for Love:This ring bearer box is beautiful, elegant and fits your rings perfectly!
  • Rustic Wooden Ring Box for 1 Rings:Wooden Ring box crafted with walnut wood.Unique and sophisticated design.
  • Proposal Ring Box:Wood ring holder’s small size and light weight make it easy to carry and store, giving a surprise.
  • Ring Box for wedding ceremony: Beautiful sleek design makes this box perfect as a proposal gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift for your friend, family or even yourself.

URBAN KRAFTS Engagement Ring Box for Proposal Pocket Size Walnut Wooden Heart Engraved (How About Forever?)

About the item

  • UNIQUE HEART DESIGN: What a better way to propose than using a Heart which symbolizes the love you feel for your soon to be partner in life. Our beautiful proposal ring box is handmade with exquisite Walnut Wood.
  • HIGH TECH LASER ENGRAVED. This Wood Ring Box is precisely engraved with a beautiful design. We use the latest technology to engrave our engagement ring boxes providing high resolution and depth in our engraved designs.
  • MAGNETIC CLOSURE. Our wooden ring box for proposal closes using small powerful magnets to keep your precious ring safe until the special day arrives. ELEGANT VELVET ON THE INSIDE. The inside is embellished with velvet fabric allowing your ring to stand out even more, while keeping it safe from scratching.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR THAT SPECIAL MOMENT: The Closed Exterior Dimensions are 2.75 x 2.75 x 1.75″. Making it perfect for carrying it inside the pocket for that one in a lifetime moment. FITS MOST RING SIZES: Our newly improved engagement ring boxes for proposal design allows to fit most women sizes which are up to 1 1/8″ in height.
  • MORE DESIGNS AVAILABLE IN OUR STORE. Click on “Visit the URBAN KRAFTS Store” to check all our available designs.

Engraved Ring Box. Walnut Wood Ring Box for Proposal, Engagement, Wedding. Personalized Ring Bearer Box. Hex Ring (Design 1)

About the item

  • Permanently Engraved with your Personalization
  • Made of 100% Real Walnut Wood
  • Burlap Included To Stage Rings
Best Handmade Ring Boxes (September 2022)