Best Lacrosse Chest Protectors (September 2022)

There are many types of lacrosse chest protectors on the market, so it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one:

1. Choose a protector that fits your body type. Some protectors are designed to be tight, while others are more loose. Make sure you choose a protector that fits well so it doesn’t move around and cause injuries.

2. Consider the material. Some protectors are made out of hard plastic, while others are made out of softer materials like foam. Choose a protector that is comfortable and will protect your chest well.

3. Consider the price. Some protectors are more expensive than others, but they may be worth it if they protect your chest well and are comfortable to wear.

4. Consider the features. Some protectors have extra features, like straps that keep the protector in place or pockets that hold snacks or water bottles. Consider what features are important to you and choose a protector with those features.

McDavid HEX Chest Protector, Heart Guard Sternum Protection Padded Shirt for Baseball, Football, Lacrosse and Goalies Youth and Adult Sizes

About the item

  • Imported
  • PROTECTION WHERE IT COUNTS: 9mm HEX Technology is perfectly positioned to help protect against sudden impact and minor injuries to the sternum and chest area
  • SAFETY IS KEY: Helps keep any athlete safe during play. Perfect for Baseball, Softball, Football, Pitching and Batting. Keep children and players safe while they compete
  • BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Mesh fabric for full-on ventilation
  • MOISTURE WICKING: hDc Moisture Management Technology is all about cool and dry

COOLOMG Youth Football Padded Shirt Kids Chest Protector Shoulder Rib Heart Sternum Guard for 7v7 Football Baseball Basketball Lacrosse

Color Black
Material Polyester
Sport Type Football
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About the item

  • High-density EVA foam padding protection during games. The 5-Pad Shirt protects your kids’ sternum, heart chest, Waist, ribs and shoulder, Collarbone area from sudden impacts and slight injuries from balls, pitches, and hard hits. In addition, the football padded shirt can be worn under your kids’ shoulder pads to relieve the pain, and irritation your kids were feeling from your pads.
  • Material: 85% polyester + 15% spandex. Breathable and elastic. 6-Thread flat-lock, Comfortable to wear, just like a second skin. Moisture wicking material keep your kids’ body cool and dry. Mesh material on the shoulders, back and sides provides full ventilation and minimizes surface friction on the skin when your kids sweat a lot during exercise.
  • COOLOMG padded compression shirt increases circulation and advanced protection without restricting the range of motion. 3D flexibility and ergonomic flat seams ensure perfect freedom of movement and minimize the formation of pressure points and abrasions.
  • The padding will stay in place. This allows your kids to enjoy being active without feeling bulky or restricting the movement. Fits for American Football, Rugby, Hockey, Lacrosse, Basketball, Ski, Snowboard, Baseball, Goalie and more.
  • Light, breathable, and durable compression top. Easy to clean, Machine washable. If the item you recieved have any problem,just contact us and send pictures to us, COOLOMG would be free to send same item to you.

TUOY Youth Boys Padded Protective Shirts Paddded Compression Shirts for Football Paintball Baseball

About the item

  • Polyesters+Spandex+Lycra
  • Perfect for football, basketball, baseball, rugby, soccer, paintball, skating, snowboarding, skiing, cycling and all other contact sports.
  • Provides extra padding support to ribs, chest, shoulders & back with a snug fit.
  • Shirt Size: YS=25-26.5inch(Chest)/40-48″(Height). YM=26.5-28.5inch(Chest)/48-51″(Height). YL=28.5-30inch(Chest)/51-55″(Height). YXL=30-31inch(Chest)/56-59″(Height)
  • Moisture wicking polyesters/spandex material keep the skin cool and dry, offering maximum comfort.
  • Notice: Dry-clean or spin-dry is not allowed, machine washable, hand-wash is recommended.

TUOY Youth Padded Compression Shirts Chest Rib Protector for Football Paintball Baseball

About the item

  • 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex, Lycra
  • 10mm professional foam padding integrated with breathable fabric.
  • Moisture wicking and elastic, keep your body cool and dry, offer great flexibility when moving.
  • Offer great support and protection on chest, sternum, heart, ribs and lower back. Parents keep your child and players safe while they compete!
  • Shirt Size (Chest): YS=25-26.5inch YM=26.5-28.5inch YL=28.5-30inch YXL=30-31inch; Machine Washable.
  • Chest & Rib protector shirt. Great for Kids football padded shirt & paintball padded shirt & basketball rib protection vest & baseball catcher chest protector!

DGXINJUN Youth Padded Shirt Chest Rib Heart Guard Protector Kids Boys Girls Protective Compression Shirt for Football Baseball Lacrosse Goalies Softball

About the item

  • Polyesters+Spandex
  • Imported
  • Youth Padded Compression Shirt have 11mm professional EVA foam padding integrated with breathable fabric.
  • Youth heartguard shirt freely stretchable, sweat-wicking fabric with smooth touch, moisture wicking and elastic, keep your body cool and dry, offer great flexibility when moving.
  • DGXINJUN padded compression T shirt designed to protect kids body from injury. Effectively protect your child and players shoulders, chest, ribs & lower back in sports activities.
  • Wear either outside or inside, as base layer under sports uniform, perfect for football padded shirt, basketball rib chest protection, baseball, rugby, soccer, softball, skating, snowboarding, skiing, cycling, catchers, goalies, pitching and batting and all other contact sports
  • Fit Chest Size: Small=24-26.5” Medium=26.5-28.5” Large=28.5-30” X-Large=30-32”. If your kids don’t like the tighten feeling, please choose a larger size.
Best Lacrosse Chest Protectors (September 2022)