Best Photographic Studio Copying Equipment (May 2022)


COPY STAND # MINI300, A USA Made Compact & Mini Tool for Digitizing Documents, Old Photos and Macro Photography with Today's DSLR Super Megapixel Cameras

Media Type Photo
Scanner Type Film, Photo, Document
Brand Copy Stand
Item Dimensions LxWxH 11.5 x 9.5 x 14.5 inches
Light Source Type LED
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About the item

  • The Cosmo Copy Stand is very small and compact and it’s more suitable for amateur applications. It is portable and easy to assemble (less than ONE minute). It supports cameras up to 2 lbs. Fully designed and manufactured in USA (for using smartphone instead camera use the “Cosmo Phone Holder,” as an accessory)
  • The baseboard size is 12″ x 9.5” x 3/4″ and made of melamine board with gray finish.
  • The size NEW Floating Magnet Board (FMB) is 11” x 8” (the mag. area is 10” x 7”) and made of a layer of MDF, rubber steel and a laminated printed film with ½” precision grids for initial setting, focusing, sizing, aligning and adjusting. Included 2 magnetic strips to hold the originals flat on the FMB.
  • The Steel Post is a unique 1 ½” diameter x 12” height with black wrinkle powder coating.
  • The NEW ‘L’ bracket is made of harder and thicker anodized aluminum. It is reversible and it can travel vertically from 7” to (from camera screw) and two holes with 1″ distance allow the horizontal movements.

Albinar 23 inch High Copy Macro Stand with 14 inch x 16 inch Base, Quick Release Mount and Bubble Level

Compatible Devices Camera
Brand Albinar
Weight Limit 4 Pounds
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About the item

  • Copy/Macro Stand with adjustable camera mount between 6″ and 23″ and 14″x16″ base
  • Full adjustable tripod head with bubble level and quick release plate
  • Perfect for taking macro shots with digital cameras
  • Holds your camera steady for shooting small objects, like coins or for copying artworks.
  • Supports Cameras of up to 4 lbs

CS36-36"" Pro-Duty Copy Stand

About the item

  • CS36 – 36 Pro-Duty Copy Stand”

CS42K 42"" Pro-Duty Copy Stand with LED Light Kit

About the item

  • CS42K 42 Pro-Duty Copy Stand With LED Light Kit”

Photography Copy Board, Mag Stand # 1612WBM, Flat Magnetic Document/Picture Holder for Quick Copying with Your Digital Camera or Mobile Phone

About the item

  • The iMagstand 16″ x 12″ with 3-layers structure of wood base, rubber-steel and laminated with car wrapping film
  • Comes with 2 folding hooks that can be either mounted on the wall or on the platform of a copy stand
  • The surface is printed and laminated with ½” precision grids with squared corners, for initial setting or focusing, aligning, adjusting and sizing
  • Included 2 magnetic strips to fix the original flat on the board. When using a copy stand, fix the camera and move the copy holder to find your target for shooting or panning (in videography)
  • 100% Made in the USA
Best Photographic Studio Copying Equipment (May 2022)