Best Press-In Inserts (May 2022)


4 Pack Threaded Star Type 1"(OD) Square Tubing Insert 1/4-20 Threads S71-324

About the item

  • 4 Pack Threaded Star Type 1″(OD) Square Tubing Insert 1/4-20 Threads S71-324

M6 Alloy Steel Hand Screw Tap & Tools for M6 Wire Thread Inserts & 304 Stainless Steel M6 Wire Thread Inserts Helical Threaded Insert Kit

About the item

  • The hand screw tap used to make new M6 threads or re-thread damaged and/or jammed threads.
  • Wire thread insert tool is a tool specially used when installing (or removing) wire thread inserts.
  • The set also includes 6pcs M6*1*1.5D and 6pcs M6*1*2D threaded insert screw made of 304 stainless steel for use.
  • They are widely widely used in the automobile industry,rail car industry,shipbuilding industry,household appliances,construction machinery,electronic products,engineering plastics,modular furniture and other industries.
  • It is cheap and can satisfies your practice of tapping,screw insert installation and removal.For a beginner,they are a good combination.

142pcs Threaded Inserts Repair Kit, Stainless Steel Helicoil Type Wire Insert Installation Set

About the item

  • 【stainless steel】Thread inserts are made of high-strength diamond-shaped steel wire with high strength and wear resistance.
  • 【full set】This thread repair kit contains installation tool, thread tap, drill, wire thread inserts, you can repair thread with no other tool needed.
  • 【working principle】This thread repair set can be placed in the screw hole of the workpiece such as aluminum alloy to form a standard internal thread with high strength, wear resistance and high precision.
  • 【box packed】All accessories are well packed in a box for easy carrying and storage, every tool has a place to place in case of mess.
  • 【wide applications】This thread repair set can be widely used for high voltage switch gear, microwave communication, automotive parts, aerospace precision parts, electronic products, air equipment, radiators, etc.

1/4-20 Brass Push in Threaded Insert 0.5" Long (10 pcs)

Material Brass, Plastic
Fastener Type Push, Insert
Exterior Finish Plastic,Brass
Metal Type Brass
Brand Generic
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About the item

  • It’s the rings and the barbs that make the difference. The rings and a unique barbed external form are specially designed to allow low installation force but deliver high pull-out and torque-out performance.
  • A 360° ring at the top, which directs the dislodged material downward, resulting in a neat, smoothappearance at the surface, and closing off paths of the barbs.
  • 360° barbed retaining rings make installation faster and apply higher resistance to pull- and torque-out.
  • A full 360° pilot ring at the bottom guides the insert during installation.

1/4-20 Press In Wood Insert (20 pieces)

Size 1/4-20
Material Zinc Alloy
Brand Monster Fastener
Thread Size 1/4″-20
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About the item

  • Diameter: 1/4″
  • Length: 1/2 inch
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Drill Size: 11/32 inches-23/64 inches
  • Box of 20
Best Press-In Inserts (May 2022)