Best Zinc Sheets (September 2022)

When it comes to choosing the "best zinc sheets", there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, it is important to consider the type of zinc that you are using. There are three main types of zinc: zinc oxide, zinc sulfide, and zinc chloride.

Zinc oxide is the most common type of zinc, and is the most effective. It is a white, powdery material that is insoluble in water.

Zinc sulfide is a gray, crystalline material that is also insoluble in water. It is more effective than zinc oxide, but is less common.

Zinc chloride is the most common type of zinc, and is the least effective. It is a yellow, liquid material that is soluble in water.

Next, it is important to consider the application. Zinc sheets are most effective when used in conjunction with other products to form a barrier.

Examples of applications include paint, varnish, and sealant.

Finally, it is important to consider the price. Zinc sheets are more expensive than other types of zinc, but they are also more effective.

3pcs Anode Sheet Set 1pcs Nickel Anode 1pcs Copper Anode 1pcs Zinc Anode for Plating and Electroplating 0.04''x1''x6''(1mmx25mmx150mm)

Material Nickel*, Copper, Zinc
Finish Type Copper,Zinc
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About the item

  • {HIGH-PURITY } The zinc content is 99.995%, The nickel content is 99.6%,The copper content is 99.95%.
  • {USE}Ideal for electrodes and electroplating for school science projects.
  • {SIZE} 3pcs anode size is the same,0.04’’ x 1’’ x 6’’(1mm x 25mm x 150mm), 6 inch long, 1 inch wide and 0.04 inch thick.
  • {ELECTROPLATING MATERIAL} Electroplating emainly used to prevent corrosion of steel and also has aesthetic effects.
  • {EXPERIENCE} We have 15 years of experience in the electroplating industry, and your questions will be answered accurately within 12 hours.

LEISHENT Zinc Foil High Purity Pure Zinc Zn Sheet Plate Metal Foil 0.07X100x1000mm

Material Other
Color Blue, Green
Finish Type Zinc
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About the item

  • The melting point of zinc is 419.5°C. At room temperature, it is brittle; at 100-150℃, it becomes soft; when it exceeds 200℃, it becomes brittle.
  • The chemical properties of zinc are active. In the air at room temperature, a thin and dense basic zinc carbonate film is formed on the surface to prevent further oxidation. When the temperature reaches 225°C, zinc oxidation is intense. When it burns, it emits a blue-green flame.
  • It is suitable for the materials of instrument parts and instrument shells and coins. At the same time, zinc itself and other metals will not cause sparks, so it is suitable for underground explosion-proof equipment. It is widely used in rubber, paint, enamel, medicine, printing, fiber and other industries. Zinc has suitable chemical properties.
  • Atomic radius (calc) 135 (142) pm
  • Covalent radius 131 pm

High Purity Zinc Foil, Pure Zinc Zn Sheet Plate Metal Foil Strip for Science Lab DIY Craft Metalworking, 0.07x100x1000mm

Material Zinc
Brand Twecoinp
Color White
Finish Type Rust-resistant,Zinc
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About the item

  • ✿—- Zinc foil is made of 99.995% high purity zinc, long tiem life span,strong and durable.
  • ✿—- Rust-resistant and anti-corrosive because of pure zine, much better than galvanized steel with zinc coating.
  • ✿—- Zinc is a bluish-white metal,it will becomes soft when temperature at 100-150℃, brittle when temperature exceeds 200℃.
  • ✿—- Widely used in chemical experiments and science lab, also in echanical parts, manufacturing, electrical and electronic products, auto parts, and other industries.
  • ✿—- As we are so strict with our quality, we have confidence. So we would refund 2 times price if you receive defective product.

LTKJ 5Pcs High Purity 99.9% Pure Zinc Zn Sheet Plate Metal Foil 100mm x 100mm x 0.5mm for Science Lab

Material Zinc
Brand LTKJ
Color White
Shape Sheet
Finish Type Zinc,Metal
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About the item

  • 【Zinc Zn Sheet Plates Size】- Size: 100 × 100 × 0.5mm; Density: 7.14 g / cc; Melting point: 419.5 ℃
  • 【Durable】- Make of high purity zinc material,solid and durable, never rust. Package included: 5pcs x zinc sheet plate
  • 【Heat Treatable】- Zinc is a bluish-white metal.At room temperature, brittle; 100 ~ 150 ℃, become softened; exceed 200 ℃, they become brittle.
  • 【Flat & Smooth Cutting Surface】- All the Zinc Zn Sheet Plates are precisely cut and the surfaces are processed to be smooth and flat with no crack or airhole. Zinc chemically is active. In the air of normal temperature, the surface will form a layer of zinc carbonate film.It can prevent further oxidation.
  • 【Widely Used】- Suitable for a variety of science lab, chemical experimental situations.

Zinc Sheet Sample 020-027" X 8 inches X 11 inches by Rotometals

About the item

  • .020-.027 ” Thickness
  • 8″ x 11″ Approx
  • 99.6% Zinc
Best Zinc Sheets (September 2022)